Posted on Jul 5, 2015

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Join me this August for my first Summer Art Retreat at Shared Harvest, a farm in Dunnville Ontario, for a special painting class with additional classes in puppet making and aerial skills!



This painting class will be held on a beautiful community farm in Dunnville Ontario near Lake Erie. There is no accommodation on the farm but you are welcome to camp on the property or stay at a B&B in town, just a mile away. Inspiration for our paintings will come from our surroundings . Shared Harvest Community Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm whose mission is to provide families within the community organic produce that is environmentally sustainable, locally desirable and socially responsible. The farm is in its third year of operation. On approximately 7 acres of fields and mixed gardens, they cultivate over 40 types of vegetables.



Part of this 5 day retreat will be dedicated to making a puppet with professional puppet maker, Melanie Skene. These are full-body paper mache´ animated puppets (not hand puppets) and we incorporate these often into our Hamilton Aerial Group theatrical shows.


Aerial Skills

I will have a portable aerial rig set up at the farm with aerial silks suspended. You will learn various techniques of aerial skills and will have increased your upper arm and core strength by the end of the week. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have the strength to climb because we’ll start you off with tricks from the ground. A fun way to begin a new hobby in this very popular athletic performance discipline.


Retreat Details

August 3-7, 2015
August 10-14, 2015

5 days
This fee includes painting, puppetry and aerial classes, 3 meals a day and all supplies.
Does not include accommodation, transportation or medical insurance.
Camping at the farm is welcome or stay at a local B&B.

Map of Shared Harvest Community Farm

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